American “Cuisine.”

American “Cuisine.” Is McDonald’s American Cuisine, or is Kentucky Fried Chicken? Hamburgers. Hot dogs. French Fries. Cokes. Malts. Milk Shakes. Apple pie. But consider American home cooking and there is a lot more. Meat loaf with grandma’s secret recipe. And together with mashed potatoes and gravy. And fresh squeezed lemonade in the cool shade of…

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Welcome to American English

Welcome to American English Brother and sister love. International language. No words are needed. Thank you for coming. I have nothing against any other type of English, and in fact even American English has some differences depending where you are in the United States. One English is not better than another and everyone has an…

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Welcome to American English.

Welcome to American English American English can sometimes be different than English spoken in other lands. And in fact English is used differently inside the United States also depending on location and ethnicity. American English is not better or worse than another. Just sometimes different and there can be surprises and unknown words thrown in…

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